June 01, 2017

Letter To The Editor

A recent Letter to the Editor at the St. John’s Telegram titled “PCs reduced to motley crew” by Tom Hawco gave a scathing review of PC politicians. Hawco doesn’t have anything positive to say.

It starts out hurling insults at former leaders, then it goes on to say that those vying to take the reins of the PC Party are an “even more sorry-looking lot.”

First it takes aim at Steve Kent. Next, “there is Ches the Entitled” who wants everyone to believe he is “more inclined towards moose burger and spruce beer than his usual cappuccino with almond milk.”

The St. John’s Board of Trade and NDP Party didn’t escape Hawco’s warpath, either.

There’s a lot wrong with this Letter to the Editor, but I’m going to end this blog on a funny note.

Here’s the comment I sent to the Telegram in response to the Letter:

The letter “PCs reduced to a motley crew” contains an important factual error. Moose burger yes, spruce beer maybe, but I have switched my cappuccino to soy milk.

Ches "the Entitled"  Crosbie

On a more serious note, I have visited with folks in more than half of the 40 electoral districts in Newfoundland and Labrador since November, and plan to visit all of them by Thanksgiving. And there is no official leadership contest as yet. Ask yourself whether this is the activity of someone entitled, or of someone who wants to earn your support.