-Policy Platform-

My policy platform is straight-forward.

I’m focused on three important priorities:  


1) Rebuilding our Economy


Under our failed Liberal government, our economy is suffering, jobs are vanishing, and families face higher taxes. I want to change this.


However, in order to rebuild our economy, we must address the largest political issue of our time: overspending. We are burdening the generations on which we depend for the future, with high interest charges they will have to later pay for through further punitive tax increases or cuts to public services. That is why I am proposing a Debt Brake.


Debt Brake

A Debt Brake law would cap the level of debt in relation to the size of the economy, and prevent unsustainable spending over an economic cycle.   A debt brake law makes sustainability of debt fundamental to fiscal policy.


More importantly, a Debt Brake will ensure economic stability for our families and our future. It reassures entrepreneurs at home and abroad that Newfoundland and Labrador has the fiscal stability to do business. And, by addressing our overspending problem with a debt brake, we will be able to work with our communities to create well-paying jobs and while also ensuring a more efficient public sector. 


2) Restoring Confidence in Government


We have too many “pandering, power-seeking politicians with popular platform promises” – who break those promises after they’re elected. So, the public loses confidence in the very institutions of democratic governance we have paid a price in blood and treasure to build and protect. 


Honesty Pledge 

An Honesty Pledge would penalize politicians and political parties that make dishonest statements or promises. Politicians must be held responsible for the things they say -- and be held so in law, enforced by courts, and come at a cost to them (rather than the taxpayer) if they break their word. 


3) Revitalizing the PC Party


My leadership campaign will focus on Revitalizing the PC Party, an institution of our democratic tradition with a distinguished history of building our province up, opposing failed governments, and guiding this province to a brighter tomorrow. 

The first duty of the official opposition is to oppose, in a sustained critique that can force a failed government from office. But the second – and more important – duty is to project confidence to the public as a competent government-in-waiting. This means attracting strong candidates, and connecting with our grassroots to develop public policy solutions that works for our communities. 

I will be announcing new policies throughout the duration of the campaign that demonstrate how I intend on achieving all three priorities. Please sign-up now for updates on my policy platform and to learn how to support my campaign.