March 15, 2017

Wanted: Confident Leadership

On February 15th, 2017, I announced my interest in running for the Leadership of the PC Party of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I believe that people deserve a chance to get to know me so they can decide for themselves whether I have what it takes to lead the PC Party. That is why I am touring across Newfoundland and Labrador on the Connect with Crosbie tour.

Since February 15th, I have visited members of the PC Party and public in Clarenville, Harbour Grace, Port au Grave, Spaniard’s Bay, Placentia, St. Mary's, Branch, Point Lance, and St. John’s. My tour will continue for many months. So far, I find that people worry about the future of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Bright spots in our economy exist. There are examples of vibrant enterprise outside St. John's, like Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises, which is building large fishing vessels for owners within and outside the province. But there is a pervasive worry and concern about government, debt, and the economy.

People don’t understand the ins and outs of government finance, but they do have a concern that government is living way beyond its means, with no end in sight.

Things are not under control. Confidence is lacking. The Ball Liberal government does not project that it has a grip on our problems and the will to apply solutions.

Confident leadership comes from competence, and competence comes from preparation and study of the issues and the range of available responses. It does its homework, has a plan to act, and possesses the determination to follow through.

But people are also looking for more than a plan. People want a reason to believe in Newfoundland and Labrador, and they are looking for a leader with a sense of mission about the future.

Why do we want a reason to believe in this province? When we look inside ourselves, most of us know the answer: because we love this place and want to see her realize her potential. 

That potential is to be a safe and secure place of opportunity and prosperity in a great country called Canada – a place where our young people can make their lives and raise their families and fully participate in the Canadian dream.

People are searching for confident leadership with a sense of mission about the better future that lies on the other side of our present financial difficulties.

My task is to project that confidence and that sense of mission. If you think I can do it, sign up to support my campaign on the homepage.