June 29, 2017

“Why Do You Want To Be Leader?”

When someone intends to run for Leader of a political party, there are a few natural and immediate questions that arise. “Why?” is one of them.

Speaking with people all over Newfoundland and Labrador on my “Connect with Crosbie” exploratory tour has validated my reasons for wanting to become Leader of the PC Party.

Although the election is scheduled for the weekend of April 28th, 2018, we still do not have an official campaign period, or rules governing the campaign period. Without this information, I cannot yet make an official decision about whether to run for the Leadership. However, I can share why I am interested…

I have been a Progressive Conservative for my adult life. I believe in Progressive Conservative values like fiscal responsibility, compassionate social programming, and a separation of business and government. I believe that government is not fit to make high-stakes entrepreneurial bets which can result in ruin when luck runs out.

I believe in treating everyone fairly – not based on the size of their chequebook or their connection to the political establishment. I believe that a renewed and revitalized PC Party with a dramatically expanded membership base, guided and inspired by new and resolute leadership, is the only realistic hope for the future of this place we love.

I believe that Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the best places on earth. I have lived on the mainland and abroad, but always returned to this privileged corner of the North Atlantic. They say home is where the heart is. Well, here lies my heart.

But this province is in a perilous straight. People are justifiably losing faith in our public institutions. As the auditor general reported last week, the Liberal government is not even competent to maintain the road system. Infrastructure is crumbling. Young people are leaving, prosperity is dwindling, and ordinary residents and the business community alike are struggling. The Liberal government’s plan to deal with the present fiscal crisis consists of punishing everyone with high taxes, which creates a stagnant economy, destroys confidence and drives people away.

I can’t bear to stand by and watch the Liberals wreck the place!

As PC Party Leader, I will level with the public about our fiscal crisis, and bring the PC Party back into government with a plan to deal with the crisis and lay the basis for the prosperity which will keep our youth at home. We can't continue to do things in the same old way. I want us to master our difficulties, regain our pride and create hope in our future!

Hope comes from confidence in our competence to do what must be done to seize the future. And a PC Party which brings back pride and projects competence and confidence in a prosperous future, will surely reclaim government from the Liberals in 2019!


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