February 26, 2018

Ches Crosbie calls for Independent Review of North Spur stability

Happy Valley-Goose Bay (February 22, 2018) – Today, PC Leadership candidate Ches Crosbie is calling on the provincial government to conduct an open, independent, and transparent technical review of North Spur stability risks, and the sufficiency of Nalcor’s stabilization measures.

“Nalcor and the Liberal government have repeatedly fumbled the issues around local confidence in the dam project,” said Crosbie

“Another in-house review by experts chosen and paid for by Nalcor is not the way to a local buy-in.”

Crosbie told a symposium on Muskrat Falls today that that the Liberal government has been captured by Nalcor, and has refused to complete an independent safety inspection of the North Spur component of the Muskrat Falls dam prior to the filling of the reservoir.

“The Liberal government should conduct a review independent of Nalcor before the filing of the reservoir next year,” said Crosbie

“The cost of an independent technical review of stability issues will be tiny in relation to the risk of human life, and to the billions of dollars of investment posed by a dam failure.”

Muskrat Falls is the only hydroelectric project in the world to incorporate a large natural dam sitting on sensitive clays, with thousands of people living nearby in a potential flood path.

Crosbie’s commitment to an independent review of the North Spur is part of his plan to restore confidence in government. Restoring confidence in government serves as one of the three tenants of Crosbie’s leadership campaign, in addition to rebuilding our economy and revitalizing the PC Party.

The next leader of the PC Party will be selected during their party convention scheduled for April 27-29, 2018.



Devin Drover
Communications and Policy Advisor