January 21, 2018

Ches Crosbie publishes report that some politicians won’t like

St. John’s, NL (January 11, 2017) – PC leadership candidate Ches Crosbie has published a report to empower voters to make great political decisions for themselves, their families, and the province.

Choosing True Change and Great Government for Newfoundland and Labrador is now available at www.chescrosbie.ca/change free of charge.

Crosbie knows some politicians won’t like his report because it talks about the rules of political game-playing – the Rules of the Game. The Rules of the Game explain why some political veterans say that being in politics makes politicians dumb, and leads down the path to failure.

“My report tells the truth about our political system and shows voters how to choose political representatives who can provide great government”, says Crosbie.

Crosbie hopes to empower voters by publishing this report. He is not doing “politics as usual” and is instead committed to an honesty-in-politics approach throughout his candidacy to lead the PC Party.

Residents who wish to vote for their choice of leader must sign up with the party, free of charge, by January 28, 2018. Members are to vote by prepaid mail-in ballot and the winner will be announced during a party convention scheduled for April 27-29, 2018.



Devin Drover
Communications and Policy Advisor