January 08, 2018

Disability rights advocate Paul Walsh endorses Ches Crosbie’s PC leadership campaign

St. John’s, NL (January 8, 2018) – Paul Walsh, disability rights advocate and past-Chair of the Provincial Advisory Council on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, is today endorsing Ches Crosbie’s PC leadership bid.

“It is an honour to formally endorse Ches Crosbie in his run to be the leader of our province’s PC Party,” said Walsh

“Ches has taken the time to listen to the concerns of the disability rights community.  He understands and is committed to the principles of inclusion. Most importantly, Ches understands that inclusion and accessibility for all citizens is a human rights matter, not an issue of convenience.”

Mr. Walsh, who has cerebral palsy, has worked for many years to advance the principles of inclusion and accessibility in our province.  From 2014-2017, he served as Chair of the Provincial Advisory Council for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, and is currently Board President of the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities – NL.  He frequently appears on panels and interviews regarding the issues of inclusion and accessibility.

“In my many years of advocacy work, I’ve seen accessibility and inclusion used as great political talking points but followed up with little or no action.  The gains we have made are rapidly slipping away,” added Walsh.

“Ches Crosbie will ensure that inclusion for all citizens with disabilities is at the forefront.  I encourage everyone who believes in an inclusive Newfoundland & Labrador to sign up to support Mr. Crosbie”

Provincial residents must sign up with the party by January 28, 2018 in order to vote for their choice of leader. Provincial residents can register to vote for Ches online at www.ChesCrosbie.ca.  

The next leader of the PC Party will be selected during their party convention scheduled for April 27-29, 2018.



Devin Drover
Communications and Policy Advisor