August 07, 2017

I Believe In Celebrating Accomplishments, But…

Last week the Liberal government issued a news release celebrating a steady credit rating for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Premier Dwight Ball said that the stable credit rating is a vote of confidence for his government’s financial plan.

I believe in celebrating accomplishments, but this is nothing to celebrate…

The Liberal government is patting itself on the back for not making things worse.

To be fair, that is an optimistic way of putting it. The Liberal government is, in fact, making things worse.

Their careless spending on inefficient projects and services keeps us deeply indebted to lenders. Our children may be paying interest on this government’s debt for the rest of their lives.

In an interview following his news release, Premier Ball also said that a lot of people – people like me – have written this province off. He is sorely mistaken.

I wouldn’t be touring the province and seriously considering a run for the PC Leadership if I didn’t believe in the potential of this province.

There’s no doubt that we are in the midst of a financial and leadership crisis, but I’m hopeful…

I believe that Newfoundland and Labrador can realize its potential with the right leadership, outside-the-box thinking, and decisive action.

We can be a place of prosperity where young people choose to make their lives.

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