February 13, 2017

I’m Angry, And Here’s Why

Prime Minister Harper fired me last year from the Conservative nomination for the federal district of Avalon. But getting fired by Harper is not why I'm angry.

What I see happening in provincial politics is why I'm angry.

Some readers of this article are PCs, some Liberals, some NDP. No matter. Most of us can agree on the following, and the polls show that most of us do agree...

Premier Dwight Ball has told us that we are in financial crisis, but the current Liberal government under Ball is failing to govern. People have no confidence that the government has a grip on our spiraling debt and what to do about it, and our young people are wondering if they have a future here.

That's why I'm angry.

Only a few years ago, we had confidence in our future. The Liberal government makes excuses instead of taking action.

That’s why I’m angry.

We need someone with the courage to take control, someone with a cool head in a crisis and the determination to steer this province back on course to a bright future. Find me that leader and I will vote for him or her. 

And I'll stop being angry.