June 01, 2017

Has The Time Come For No-BS Politics?

The phrase No-BS politics gets attention, doesn’t it?

Ways of saying much the same thing would include “straight talk” and “telling it like it is”. But No-BS leaves no room for doubt – it means that the person who lays claim to such political speech holds truth as a high value and will not make statements that the person knows are untrue, or that merely might be true without caring whether they are true or not.

People are sick of political BS, myself included. That’s why I have chosen No-BS politics as the theme of my Connect with Crosbie exploratory campaign.

Some people think politics is a game that requires BS – that a politician can’t function in the political arena without employing it, in one way or another. I disagree. I believe it is possible to care about truth and accuracy of what you say and risks of what you do as an elected official. I intend to prove it.

Apart from the No-BS theme, my team is in the process of formulating a vision, mission, collective purpose, and our core values.

Vision is what we want for the future of Newfoundland and Labrador. Mission is a specific, objective and time-bound goal to be achieved. Collective purpose is why we’re involved with this exploration. And core values are what we stand for.

It is important to define these initiatives so that everyone involved in the exploratory campaign knows what we are working towards, why, and the values that guide us.

Our work is unfinished, but we continue to formulate our vision, mission, collective purpose and core values. 

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