October 03, 2017

Important Update: PC Membership Now Open!

Important update: membership is now open for the PC Party of Newfoundland and Labrador!


Membership is open to anyone living in Newfoundland and Labrador, free of charge. All you have to do is sign up. Here are 3 reasons to sign up now:


1. It costs nothing. Zip. Zero.

2. You are encouraged to vote and attend meetings, but you don’t have to. How much you participate is your choice.

3. In April 2018, the party will elect the next Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition. This is an exciting opportunity to influence our political future!


Here are 4 reasons why you should sign up and consider voting for me in April 2018:


1. I have solid progressive conservative values. I believe in keeping taxes low while offering compassionate social programs to protect the vulnerable.

2. I believe in building a strong grass-roots party, where all members are listened to and valued.

3. I come from outside the political establishment. I believe in transparency and restoring public confidence in institutions and process.

4. I want to attract fresh faces to political life and replace our incompetent Liberal government with a forward-thinking PC government to deal with the fiscal crisis, persuade our bright young people to make their lives in Newfoundland and Labrador, and lay the basis for future prosperity!


Three things to know that will make signing up easier for you:


1. You can sign up as either a Member or Supporter of the party. The main difference is that a Supporter cannot run for office in the party. Both Members and Supporters can vote for their choice of Party Leader, to be decided in April 2018.

2. The registration form asks if you would like to make a donation. Since it costs nothing to sign up, you are free to decline making a donation by checking the box that says “No thank you”.

3. In order to submit the web form, you must click the button “Make Contribution”. Whether you are making a donation or not, this is the right button. If you are not making a donation, you do not have to pay anything by clicking this button.


Ready to become a Member or Supporter of the PC Party? Click here to sign up.


I want to help create a vibrant PC community in Newfoundland and Labrador, so please share this message with your family and friends to encourage them to sign up, too.


Thanks in advance!