My policy platform is straight-forward.

I’m focused on three important priorities:  

Lower Taxes

Let's reduce the cost of living, rebuild our economy, and build a bright future for Newfoundland and Labrador.

As your MHA for Windsor Lake, I will fight to:

  • Cut the Liberal Levy
  • Remove the Retail Sales Tax on Insurance 
  • Stop the federally-imposed Carbon Tax
  • Introduce a Debt Brake law to protect future generations
  • Reduce red-tape for entrepreneurs and local businesses 
  • Work with private enterprise to create local jobs
  • Build an economy that works for everyone

Affordable Energy Rates

We need to implement the best possible plan to ensure our energy bills are affordable.

As your MHA for Windsor Lake, I will fight to:

  • End closed-door backroom meetings and negotiations on energy issues
  • Make a referral to the Public Utilities Board to make a recommendation on a rate mitigation plan that is open and transparent
  • Ensure an affordable energy rate is set which keeps costs where they are now or lower
  • Negotiate with the Federal Government to ensure all supports are given so costs can be as low as possible

Honest Government

It’s time we hold politicians accountable.

That’s why, as your MHA for Windsor Lake, I will fight to:

  • Pass an “Honesty in Politics Act” that would sanction politicians that make dishonest statements
  • Introduce Recall Legislation so voters can recall their representative if promises are broken
  • Reform Lobbying laws to stop cronyism and prevent conflicts
  • Bring a harassment-free culture in the House of Assembly