June 23, 2017

How A Political Campaign Can Be Shattered

We probably all come up with reasons as to how it was Donald Trump became President. Now, a long book called "Shattered, Inside Hilary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign" is available to tell you the deets.

The title refers to how Clinton was meant to shatter the glass ceiling and become the first female President.

Clinton was very well credentialed and had plenty of money, which Presidential candidates require.

The challenge Clinton never quite overcame was to give a clear explanation of why she wanted to run for President and why she deserved to be President.

Lots of folks think there is nothing to differentiate one politician from another – that politicians are all the same. There is plenty of good evidence to support this viewpoint if we just look around the recent political scene here in Newfoundland and Labrador. This attitude leads to apathy, which further reinforces the cycle of politicians competing for the grey middle.

Clinton could not answer the question “why should I vote for you, instead of any other choices, including the choice to stay home and do nothing?”

Should I decide to run for leader of the PC Party, the compelling reason to vote for me will be No-BS Politics.

No-BS Politics requires facing facts even though they may be uncomfortable, telling the public the truth, and explaining the plan for getting through a very challenging near-term fiscal situation and winning a prosperous future.

Clinton failed to originate a message to compete with “free college for everyone” (Bernie Saunders) or “make America great again” (Donald Trump).

If you even know what Clinton’s campaign slogan was, let me know by sending a message on the ChesCrosbie.ca Contact page. I’ll let you know how many others got it right (no Googling allowed!).

I’m not saying I have the perfect campaign slogan yet, but No-BS Politics seems like a good start.