June 05, 2017

Statement: Government influence should not be for sale

St. John’s, NL (June 5, 2017) – Following a report that Dwight Ball and his Liberal cabinet ministers will be participating in a private, cash-for-access fundraiser, Ches Crosbie has issued the following statement:


“I strongly object to Dwight Ball’s decision to participate in an event which advertises special access to government officials behind closed doors.


“Government influence should not be for sale. This $500 per-person event advertises the ability to influence politicians who have control over government policy. This is incompatible with democracy based on equality of citizens.


“Government needs to be available for everyone – not just those with money to spend. I will continue to advocate for a government that is more open, transparent, and accepting of everyone, regardless of the size of their chequebook.”



Devin Drover

Communications and Policy Advisor