July 01, 2017

Statement: Recognizing Memorial Day and Celebrating Canada 150

St. John’s, NL (July 1, 2017) In recognition of Memorial Day, and Canada 150 celebrations, Ches Crosbie has issued the following statement:

"Today is the 101st anniversary of Beaumont Hamel, the bloodiest battle of the First World War. Eight hundred and ten young men from the Newfoundland Regiment were called out of their trenches -- trenches my wife and I were grateful to have the opportunity to visit last year – but only sixty-eight of them answered roll call the next morning.


"Today also marks the 150th anniversary of our great Canadian nation. Talk about a day of mixed emotions! In the morning, remembrance of terrible sacrifice. In the afternoon, celebration of membership in one of the world's great experiments in tolerance, pluralism and constitutional democracy – Canada.


"In my mind, the glue that binds these mixed emotions – remembrance and celebration – is that both Canada and the then-independent Dominion of Newfoundland sacrificed greatly in two world wars to preserve and enhance the constitutional democracy which today is envied by the world. The Second World War was the unfinished business of the first, and if the justification for the sacrifices of the first is sometimes questioned, almost nobody questions the justification of the sacrifices necessary to win the second world war. The struggle against Nazism and its ally, Japanese fascism, was a struggle against evil, and a struggle which had to be won if the world was to avoid the advent of a new Dark Ages.


"While we stand strong, proud, and free with our fellow Canadians, we remember the brave generations who sacrificed their lives for the ideals of freedom. We honour and remember all those who served and continue to serve the quest for a more perfect world."




Devin Drover

Communications and Policy Advisor