July 12, 2017

The Proudest Moments Of My Career

People sometimes ask me how I started doing personal injury law. The truth is, I did a bit of everything when I started working as a lawyer – real estate, business law, wills and estates, etc. My very first personal injury client changed the course of my career.

She was a young girl who was struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle. The accident left her with a brain injury, and it was my job to get her a settlement that would ensure her financial security and quality of life forever.

Being able to help this young girl was so gratifying that I decided to focus on personal injury law from that point on. I wanted to make a meaningful difference to others.

More than 20 years after I helped my first injury client, she and her mother came back to my firm to visit. All those years later, she was still grateful for what I had done for her.

I’m proud to have helped a lot of people as a lawyer, especially children. I believe that standing up for the rights of vulnerable people is important work.

When people ask me about why I’m interested in getting involved in Newfoundland politics, the reason is this…

Young people are leaving, prosperity is dwindling, and ordinary residents and the business community alike are struggling. Statistics Canada recently reported that the unemployment rate in Newfoundland and Labrador is 14.9%, which is more than double the national rate!

The Liberal government’s plan to deal with the present fiscal crisis consists of punishing everyone with high taxes, which creates a stagnant economy, destroys confidence, and drives people away. It only worsens the problem.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I can’t bear to stand by and watch the Liberals wreck the place!

I want to make a meaningful difference to the people of this province.  

If you think I have what it takes to be Leader of the PC Party and make a true, positive, lasting difference, sign up to stay in touch. I hope to connect with you soon.