September 06, 2017

Wanted: Drivers, Guides, And Couches

There is almost always an established method, practice or program for being successful at anything--sports, public speaking, acting, you name it.


There is an established method for seeking the leadership of a political party also.


It involves the "tour". That means getting out around the province and meeting the folks in all 40 districts who are active members of, in my case, the PC Party, and learning the local and regional issues.


I aim to get to every one of the 40 provincial electoral districts this fall, and have toured more than half now. This is a big project.


Should I decide to run for Leader, every flight, motel room, tank of gas, and other tour expenditures will count toward a campaign budget enforced by the party.


If anyone wants to help by driving me to meet people in their area, or offering me a couch to surf on, send me a message to let me know. Or I may not get to your favourite place to live!