August 03, 2017

We Can't Afford To Wait

Just a few days ago, journalists asked Premier Dwight Ball if he would commence a forensic audit of the out-of-control Muskrat Falls project.

The question came after former premier Brian Peckford called for an immediate forensic audit to get to the bottom of the project’s ballooning price-tag and lack of accountability and transparency.

Even a former Muskrat Falls engineer called for a forensic audit to examine the “absurdly low” initial cost estimates earlier this year.

But Premier Ball said that the time for a forensic audit is not now. He thinks it would disrupt the construction site and the project, and the show must go on.

The truth is, a forensic audit would not stop or disrupt construction.

You see, I represented breast cancer victims whose bungled test results to determine treatment were the subject of the Cameron Inquiry. The pathology lab continued to operate without delay during the inquiry. There’s no reason why the same would not be true of Muskrat Falls.

The purpose of a forensic audit is to find the root cause of the project’s problems and fix them, so that we can spend our resources more efficiently moving forward.

It will do little good if we conduct a forensic audit after the project is complete.

The longer we wait, the more out-of-control this project will become.

Frankly, I don’t know why this Liberal government refuses to make Muskrat Falls right. It is yet another example of their failure to make the hard decisions and take action.

It is yet another example of their failure to govern.

We can’t afford to wait for Premier Ball’s timeline. The time to act is now.

If you agree that we need an immediate forensic audit of Muskrat Falls so that we can be smarter with how we spend our resources on the remainder of the project, sign up here to show your support.