July 25, 2017

What Makes Me Different

I’ve met and spoken with hundreds of people on my “Connect with Crosbie” tour across Newfoundland and Labrador. Most of them have the same complaint about government.

Basically, the Liberal government is failing to govern.

The Premier and his MHAs are always reacting to problems instead of preventing problems before they happen. They are avoiding the hard but critical decisions. No one is in charge.

It feels like we are drifting instead of forging our own path.

As people talk to me about this problem, they also want to know what would make me different if I were to be elected Leader of the PC Party...

I can tell you one thing that makes me different from our current Liberal politicians: I get things done.

In my legal career, I have a reputation as someone who spends time understanding problems. I listen to the people affected, then I find creative solutions.

I don’t win every single case – no lawyer does. But I fight tooth and nail for my clients and achieve positive results for the majority.

The purpose of my “Connect with Crosbie” tour is to understand in depth the problems we face as a province. Should I decide to run for Leader of the PC Party, and should I be elected, I would hit the ground running…

I would take calculated, decisive action to hold the Liberal government accountable and set this province on the right track.

The next Leader of the PC Party needs to be someone who is not afraid to take action and create change. If you agree, sign up on my website to show your support.