August 16, 2017

Why The Public Is So Skeptical Of Politicians

I don’t have to tell you that people are skeptical of politicians. Newspaper headlines feature assertions of distrust, lying, and deceit during any given week.

Why is the public so skeptical of politicians? 

In my opinion, it’s because all too often the public feels like it has been hoodwinked.

A lot of people in the House of Assembly won’t like that I said that, but it’s the truth. 

I was recently invited to be a guest speaker at Metro Youth Parliament, which is an organization in the St. John’s metropolitan area that encourages students to participate in parliamentary debate. Even these bright young people expressed cynicism about politics.

Widespread distrust of the political process leads me to believe we must consider how to better hold politicians accountable.

We need more truth in politics to restore public trust in the political process.

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